Laundry in the World of Kenmore?

Where laundry day becomes laundry hour. It’s being both powerful and gentle. And fitting it all in one load. Because no one cleans better in its class.* That’s amazing. That’s Kenmore.

*22342-Among leading brand 27” top loading washplate washers less 3.9 cu. ft. and under. Based on AHAM cleaning score using a 8lb. load on normal cycle with default setting.

?With Accela Wash? feature activated washing a 10 lb. load on Normal cycle, default settings

?Among the leading brands of top-loading washers.

§100% cotton, RN# 15099 from Sears, each weighs 0.90 lbs. new, and are 49" x 25" new.

When washing a 20-lb. load using Accela Wash? option on normal cycle.